A strange coincidence

By chance I stumbled into a site claiming that this is the day that Joseph Pulitzer made his donations to Columbia University to start the Pulitzer Prizes in 1903.  I’m a little uncertain about all this–Pulitzer left the money in his will, I thought, and he passed away in 1911, as far as I know.  And the first prizes weren’t issued until 1917 (no novel won that year, hence my beginning with the 1918 winner).  But I think at some point I’m going to have to read something on the origins of the Pulitzer Prizes, maybe even the makeup of the board over the years, just to get perspective.  Not yet, though…I want to dig into stories before I drown them out with “background” and “context” and all those useful things.

5 comments on “A strange coincidence

  1. Sharon says:

    This is my second attempt to leave a comment so forgive me if it’s a duplicate….

    What a great idea to read through the Pulitzers, especially in order. I love it! I’ll have to give that some serious consideration.

    So far, my favorites have been Able McLaughlins and Tales of the So Pacific. Of course, To Kill a Mockingbird has always been on the top of my favorite list – I can’t get enough of it!

    Looking forward to reading about your journey!

    • jwrosenzweig says:

      Thanks for the comment, Sharon: so you know, I didn’t see another comment, so the first time must not have gotten through somehow.

      I’m glad the idea strikes you as interesting–I spent a couple of weeks asking myself if this was a little too “out there” (even for me). So far I’m finding it interesting, but of course I haven’t yet gotten to book #2, so we’ll see if it works as well as I hope.

      Thanks for the recommendations–it’s nice to have some books to look forward to, in addition to the many that I have almost no knowledge of. I hope the journey proves interesting to read about–hopefully I’ll see your name in a comments section again sometime soon.

  2. Bonnie Hood says:

    Have you not read any of them before?

    • jwrosenzweig says:

      To my certain knowledge, I have read only three in their entirety: The Old Man and the Sea, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Killer Angels. I will, in case you wondered, read all of those again when I come to them in the sequence.

      • Bonnie Hood says:

        I figured that you would. I’m sure you’ll have a different reading of them with a new understanding of their place in the timeline of America, and the Pulitzer Prize.

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