Illness and substitute teaching

Just wanted to send my regrets for the dearth of posts. Being a long-term sub (working 50-55 hour weeks) has been bad enough for my reading and posting, and then I had a bout of something (a cold? the flu?) that interfered with my at least running a Poetry Friday post. I’m really glad of the few of you who are actually showing up regardless, and I promise you, in a couple of days I will be back on track! Subbing will come to an end, and in its place, long bus rides to school which will provide ample reading time. Thanks for sticking with me–I promise a “real” post by Thursday, and some more poetry on Friday.


3 comments on “Illness and substitute teaching

  1. Daniel Castro says:

    This is good to hear. I am sorry you have been sick, and I am very excited for the next instalment! Yes, I realized I spelled that last word wrong. I am tired.

  2. Bonnie Hood says:

    That is a lot of hours! What sort of class have you been subbing in?

  3. jwrosenzweig says:

    Thank you, Daniel, for your kind words. 🙂 And Bonnie, it’s just the regular hours a teacher works, alas (this teacher, anyway, and a lot of the others I know). I’m filling in for a former colleague who’s out for heart surgery–AP US Gov, AP US History, and American Studies.

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