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I thought I’d step in here, between novels (though don’t worry, the first McLaughlins post is coming soon), to call attention to my little blogroll in the right sidebar, especially two new additions.  By now, I’m presuming some of you have checked out the blogs of two former students–Lindsey Parkinson’s blog chronicling her first year at WWU (Lindsey’s Adventures), and Matt Villeneuve’s blog for the FIG he’s leading at the University of Oregon (Duck’s Obiter Dicta).  I check in on both pretty frequently, and enjoy their chronicles of the life and times of the modern undergraduate.

Thanks to this crazy project of mine, though, I’ve encountered some fine folks who I wanted to add.  Along With A Hammer is the product of two bloggers, Diablevert and Dreadful Penny, who embarked on the Pulitzer chase before me, and who write really fascinating posts on these novels.  Diablevert has commented here a few times (thanks!), always insightfully.  I have to say, I intentionally avoid learning anything about the novels before I read them, so as to get an “untainted” impression.  And now I have a tradition–the moment I finish a novel, I go straight to Along With A Hammer and read every post on the novel I’ve just read (thank goodness they’re ahead of me!).  Always interesting and engaging ideas, even when I disagree (which isn’t often).

And most recently, I’ve found a blog called the 100 Writers Project that’s just been started up by a nice fellow named Andrew Swan.  He’s going to read the 100 Best Modern Novels, according to a list put out by the Modern Library Association.  He’s starting with #100: The Magnificent Ambersons (which is how I found him).  So he deserves our sympathy!  And he was gracious enough, after I left a comment on his blog, not only to reply but to specifically call attention to my project (and link to it) in his next post.  I look forward to following his project (and know his list and mine intersect multiple times before we’re both done).

I like this little universe of bloggers I’m encountering.  We seem an interesting set of people, at least, and I think they’re one rich reward of the journey I’m embarked on.  The next step of which is The Able McLaughlins: look for more about it in my next post.

3 comments on “Blogroll shout-out

  1. Diablevert says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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  3. […] all the world like some kind of alien technology—but when I actually looked up my last “blogroll shoutout” I found that, in fact, A) I have only done this once, and B) it was two and a half years […]

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