Poetry Friday: 1929 (part 2)

A crazy day means I didn’t get a new poetry anthology today, but I’m hoping it’s all right to have another look at Imagist poet H.D., and a second poem from her anthology Red Roses for Bronze.  Enjoy (and comment upon) “Birds in Snow”:

how they trace
across the very-marble
of this place,
bright sevens and printed fours,
elevens and careful eights,
of a mystic’s lore
or symbol
on a wizard’s gate;

like plaques of ancient writ
our garden flags now name
the great and very-great;
our garden flags acclaim
in carven hieroglyph,
here king and kinglet lie,
here prince and lady rest,
mystical queens sleep here
and heroes that are slain

in holy righteous war;
hieratic, slim and fair,
the tracery written here,
proclaims what’s left unsaid
in Egypt of her dead.


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