The Great Outage of 2010

Hey, you faithful few checking in on me: I just want you to know that the project is neither forgotten nor forsaken.  At the end of August, I got my list of “books to read” for a class I’m taking in genre fiction (taught by a former Pulitzer jury member—exciting! I hope to pick her brain about the selection process at some point), and I’ve been devouring them out of necessity (the class forces us to read a great deal).  When that ends in early December, I’ll be back to it here—maybe with some new wrinkles and features, or maybe doing exactly what I was doing before.  So, here’s to all of you who look in now and then (especially those of you who can behave civilly and respectfully when you do) to endure my rambling commentary on my seemingly endless peregrination through the Pulitzer novels.  I hope to see you back here when the days are short and my reading time is mine once more.

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