A brief thank-you

I am busy with work tonight, and if I find free time I will spend it watching a DVD with my wonderful and patient wife, so this will be very short.  I just want to thank those of you who made this such a lively month on my blog—over 700 visitors this month means it’s the busiest time here since I founded the blog, and I think this week in particular set a record for most visitors as well.  I’m planning more when I find time soon—a review of Laughing Boy, of course, as well as some reflections on this year’s Academy Award nominated films (most of which I have seen or will see) and how they illuminate (or don’t) some of my questions about story and character and the United States, and probably a little more exploration of how readers approach books (including, unless I chicken out, my best explanation of “doorway” theory as expressed by Nancy Pearl).  So basically I thought I’d say to you visitors out here on the Interwebs that I am very pleased and flattered that you’d drop by even for a moment to see what’s here, and I hope what I have planned sounds interesting/relevant to you.  And now I must go back to my reading.  Cheers!

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