For those who dug the “Ouroboros” idea and/or the poetry of Shane Guthrie and Graham Isaac

A short post: I discovered to my delight tonight that there is a recording of Shane and Graham performing the entire collection entitled Ouroboros which I alluded to (and shared a piece of) in Poetry Friday: Ouroboros Edition.  The recording can be found at Bellingham Poetry Night’s iTunes page—go down to “02-07-11 part 2 feature Shane Guthrie Graham Isaac”.  It’s free, the sound quality is decent, and you’ll get to hear two very different (and talented) performing styles.  It’s a bizarre and often funny winding from poem to poem, and the poem of Shane’s I featured on my blog shows up about 7:45 in (Shane even remarks, mid-performance, on what a rough line he’d been handed)—if you were wondering what poem led into Shane’s, or what Graham made of the line Shane gave him back, it’s all here, and it’s fun.  Ouroboros in its entirety is just a little less than a half-hour in length, and well worth your time.

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