Poetry Friday: Feedback Time

Poetry Friday’s been running, off-and-on, for over two years now as this blog’s only regular feature.  I’ve been wondering recently if it’s run its course.  I enjoy poetry, obviously, and I’ve tried to share a wide range—American poetry of the ’20s and ’30s, recent verse by poets I admire, recent verse by poets I admire who happen to be friends of mine, even a poem or two of my own.  Left to my own devices, I could keep puttering on, posting bits of poetry and offering my take on them for years.  But I’ve been wondering these last couple of weeks: is this something you few regulars out there really like?  Is it giving you things to think about, and maybe connecting you with poems and poets you’d never have otherwise stumbled into?  Or is it something you usually skim or skip—you’re here to read my extended rambles on this literary obstacle course through the Pulitzers, and you find my side obsession with poetry a little too scattershot to be really engaging?  I’m blogging for myself more than I am for anyone else, so I’m not saying that poems on Fridays would only continue if there’s some public outcry for them.  But the point of blogging is also to reach other people, and if poetry has run its course then maybe I need to find some other way to connect with you.  The poll is open: feel free to leave additional comments if you think my options didn’t give you enough room to express yourself.


One comment on “Poetry Friday: Feedback Time

  1. […] on the feedback from last week’s poll, we forge ahead with American poetry.  Today’s work is, in part, a “found […]

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