A big thank you to my readers

Yesterday marked the biggest day ever for this blog in terms of views, coming at the end of the biggest week ever, and the biggest month ever (despite February’s only being 28 days long)—for the first time in Following Pulitzer’s history, we hit over 1,000 page views in a month.  Many of you I know are just passing Googlers looking for help with your homework (much luck to you, since I can’t imagine we’ll be helpful) or folks looking for a good poem (you’ve come to the right place), but there’s a core there of people I know from a lot of different corners of my life: I don’t know what motivates you all to keep looking in back here, especially as I’ve been stuck on the same novel for months (I swear, I’m picking up the pace once I graduate! This is a life goal I am going to achieve.).  But I appreciate that you show up here and read what I’ve written, and maybe think about it a little, and occasionally even leave some thoughts of your own.  I hope the increased readership means that I’m getting better at putting things up here that resonate for you, and I’ll keep at it.  Anyway, most of all I just wanted to tell you I’m glad you stopped by, and even though the next ten days will be grad school hell, I promise there will be a poem late on Friday, and if I can give you any more than that, I will.  Cheers to you all, and welcome to March, entering like the lion that you are.